About Us

Granmarbinc is Long Island New York’s premier Granite & Marble Stone Fabricator. Servicing Long Island since 1998, Granmarb Inc. has become a household name when it comes to Granite Kitchen Countertops, Marble Vanity Tops, Marble & Granite Bathroom Remodeling, Granite Islands for indoor and outdoor kitchens and Backsplash.

Granmarb Inc. does have the largest selection of unique Granite & Marble colors which have been cut straight out of the earth and right into our Marble & Granite yard. Granmarb Inc. has earned a highly respected reputation in the natural stone fabrication industry. We are loyal to our dealers and strive on customer service and satisfaction. We utilize only the best fabricating machines and the most professional fabricators in the industry, we guarantee the best quality, workmanship, and prices any granite and marble company has to offer in New York.

Giovanni Giliberti, the owner of GranMarb Inc., has been passionate about his work in the industry since the age of 17. Originally from Italy, he brought his passion along with his family-style approach to his work and customer service. Giovanni’s passion for his work speaks for itself in his very own line of countertops entitled Giostone.

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